The 6 fashion trends from F/W 2020 collection and where you can SHOP them on a BUDGET !

It's always a hassle to stay updated on fashion trends especially with a busy schedule. None of us seem to have the time to look out for everything. There is so much information thrown our way yet we always figure something out, but by wasting valuable time and energy. This is exactly where we come in, if you are the person who loves staying on top of your game but don't want to waste time searching around, don't worry we got you covered !

Here are the top 6 fashion trends straight from the Fall/Winter 2020 Ready-to-wear collection and where you can buy them on a budget.

1. The Suit Up !


We all know, how to nail a formal look, but this collection from Gucci has been inspired from the formal wear of the nurses, nuns and even from our childhood school uniforms. It is all about dressing up and showing up in those old school uniforms, just kidding! Here are a few items that you can shop at H&M and ZARA.

2. The Oversized.


Oh my! Look at all that fabric, this collection from Alexander McQueen has all the exaggerated volume. It is all about more is more. You can shop similar comfortable styles at H&M and ZARA.

3. The Biker Jackets.


We all have that one funky faux leather jacket in the corner of our wardrobe! It's time to put it on, and book that adventurous ride you were planning. This collection by Louis Vuitton takes us back to the whole punk culture and brings out that rebel inside us. But just in case you don't have one, don't fret because we got your back. Here are a few faux leather jackets by ZARA and H&M.

4. The stuck-up housewife.


Well Ladylike bourgeois looks have long-been associated with the image of a stuck-up housewife but with this collection from Balenciaga we all have to stick it up a notch. If you have noticed, these are all coherent looks with precise cuts. You might already have similar old trench coats, but as we have already established more is more. Here are a few styles by H&M and ZARA.

5. All about the Shoulder.


Let it be anyone, we all crave for those strong shoulders. This collection by Givenchy has an impressive variety of puffed, pointed and baggy shoulders. Now we can have all those statement shoulders in our regular lives. Here are a few more puffed up shoulders by H&M and ZARA.

6. The Color Blocks.


This is exactly what everyone was waiting for! Checkers have always been a classic but this collection by Dior brings them in-trend with a modern perspective. You can go shop them at H&M and ZARA.

We hope our blog was useful and has managed to save you time. If you want links to the H&M and ZARA products mentioned above, download our FREE PDF which also has a bonus of two more trends along with where you can shop them on budget!

This blog is not sponsored by H&M or ZARA. This is a genuine product research that we conduct for our readers. We hope for you to enjoy our blog, thank you.

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