Masks: The Next Big Fashion Statement ?

We all know that currently we are facing a pandemic, that requires a high number of disposable face masks for prevention. The market of face masks was estimated to be $792 million but due to the unfortunate circumstances, it is considered to grow and reach approximately $11 billion by 2025. Considering the market is growing, brands or suppliers need to consider the situation and produce the required product, making it the next big trending product.


Due to this pandemic, the demand for masks per individual has skyrocketed. As there is such a high demand there needs to be a stable supply to fulfill the need, that's just how the economy works. But the facts remain the same, that none of the suppliers expected such an unexpected rise in demand resulting in the creation of a gap or shortage between the demand and supply. Hence, this shortage was seen as an opportunity by various suppliers and it created a market competition resulting in creative, and high-end masks.


Way before the current pandemic, the K-Pop celebrities used to wear masks all the time when in public. This created a following or trend within the fans as a lot of people started dressing up like their idol, thus increasing the demand for various types of masks. Even the celebrities started wearing creative and customised masks that resulted in fashion brands succumbing to their demands.



Fashion brands like Marine Serre, launched these masks during their fall/winter 2020 fashion shows. This just shows us that the mask had made it to the runway even before the major pandemic breakout. This is just one example, there are hundreds of fashion brands that are producing masks currently and will do so in the future as well. This just proves that the market has been analysed for the future profits and its all green! But that does not mean everyone is doing it for the profits, there are a lot of them selling it for free as it is a desperate need as of right now.


You see it's not just the big brands or Pharma companies making the masks, people have started creating DIY (Do It Yourself) masks at home. This is keeping them busy, creative and safe at the same time. It's a win-win. As you might have seen people are creating all these creative masks and uploading their photos online, for the world to see their creativity and spreading awareness regarding the current situation.


As we have already mentioned earlier, this is forecasted to be a billion-dollar industry globally. There would definitely be a lot of technological advancement when it comes to the product and maybe we could witness some Tech companies collaborating with fashion brands. All that being said, we cannot predict what might actually happen in the future. But one thing is for sure that the Coronavirus is going to take a while before getting completely eradicated, hence we should make sure that we are taking necessary precautions and staying home safely.

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