Fashion has always been about the art and concept of the creator, but it's also about comfort and individual style. This is where the entire concept of 'athleisure' comes in. We all have our favourites when it comes to sports stars, we tend to copy their fashion style, and hence there is a need for them to make a fashion statement. More so ever now, than it was before. Hence all the sports celebrities tend to wear designer clothing or create their own style statement by customisation. Basketball is one such sport where players tend to go all creative with clothing.

Russell Westbrook

We all already know Westbrook is genuinely one of those who has a dope fashion sense. He even has his own clothing line and very own glass frames. Apparently, he never wears the same clothes twice. As we have already established his amazing fashion sense, let me tell you he is also a leggings fan as is everybody nowadays. They are super comfortable and easy to wear. That being said, Russell's overall style is comfortable, catchy, colourful and creative.

LeBron James

LeBron has always been a trendsetter, especially with his camouflage jackets and famous dress shorts. We all know the story of him wearing those dress shorts with the buttoned-up suit. He gives out the message that comfortable formal wear is cool as well, not just the baggy looks that seem to be all the craze. He always nails the business look with his own additional essence.

Basketball oriented clothes that are great for Business.





Jerseys have always been the best sellers throughout the year. The reason being there are various choices depending upon the player's name, number, and style.

Jackets and hoodies have always been in trend due to the whole baggy and comfortable look.

Basketball shorts are always in demand due to their regular usage by everyone.

Leggings on the other hand are popular amongst the regular runners and yoga practitioners.


Air Jordan

You know you are a fan of Jordans when you thought that it would be the first thing written in our blog! But in case you didn't, let me tell you the importance of Jordans. Jordan i