Do you eat all your fruits together? Here's why you should not!

We all think that a plate full of fruits is the healthiest meal one can have, but you couldn't be further away from the truth. Yes, indeed it is much better than grabbing a pizza or a burger but is it the best we can do? Every fruit is unique in it's nature, hence each one of it needs to be eaten with a complementary one.


As we all know, fruits are season and area-specific. Even though, today we get a lot of fruits throughout the year and in all the regions, is it healthy for us to eat those that are grown using chemicals and preservatives? Chemicals like calcium carbide/ ethephon and oxytocin are used for ripening and increasing the size of the fruit. Is it healthy for us to eat fruits that grow artificially? Instead, let's stick to fruits that grow in the region we live and eat them according to their natural growing season.


Certain fruits take longer than other fruits to digest. This is because of the difference in properties between them. For example, melons take approximately 20min to digest whereas other fruits might take up to 30-40min. Hence, eat the melons separately. Also, try to not mix sweet fruits like banana and sapota with acidic or sub acidic fruits like grapes or peaches respectively. On the other hand, it is okay to mix acidic and sub acidic fruits.


Every fruit has a select set of nutrition values, to absorb the maximum benefit out of it try studying the deeper meaning behind every nutrient. It might take a while but it's for the best. For example, fruits like bananas are starchy in nature, and should not be mixed with fruits like guava that are protein-based. This is because your body needs an alkaline base to digest starch and acidic base to digest high proteins.


There are a lot of myths involved regarding when you should eat fruits. Generally, it is said that you should have them in the morning, which is correct because that is when your body has not eaten for a long time and you want to get those natural sugars in. It is also because your body can absorb the nutrients faster. But, that does not mean you cannot have them any other time. Of course you can have them whenever you wish to just keep in mind you don't mix them with foods that take longer to digest. That being said, just because this is all complicated does not mean that you eat an unhealthy snack instead of a plate full of fruits. Definitely, a plate full of fruits is healthier than an unhealthy meal.

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