COVID-19: 6 Ways to become HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE during lockdown.

We have more time on our hands than ever before, let us all utilise this time to become a high-performance person. During this period, instead of focusing on the negative let us all invest our time and energy into doing something positive that is beneficial in the long run.


The power of creation is one of the most effective tools that mankind is blessed with. It gives your mind a boost enabling you to become more active and solve problems with more efficiency and quickness. Creativity is like an exercise to your brain, making it more functional. Being more creative and curious allows you to grasp knowledge and ideas in the most effective way. You can find creativity in almost anything, it could be cooking a new dish, building that lego set you got last year, trying to find new ways to dribble your basketball. It's all a form of creativity that is going to keep you improving. The best part is that it will leave you satisfied and with a smile on your face.


During this course of the pandemic, we have all established that it really is the survival of the fittest. We cannot foresee the future, but what we can do is to believe in the present and take one day at a time. Focusing on your fitness both mental and physical is extremely important, it will always help you in the long run. Even though we have to stay indoors, don't be lazy and make an excuse that you can't go out for a run. Instead start practicing yoga, meditation, and other forms of exercise.


Go ahead and learn a new skillset or brush up an old one, it's all up to you. Your skillset can include a variety of things. Let it be management, communication, pottery, copywriting, or anything that you love and want to explore, just go for it! Take that first step and start it, do not procrastinate. Once you actually start doing it your brain will automatically find it interesting, resulting in you completely getting engrossed in it. Having an extra skillset will always pave a way for you in the future, especially right now as getting a job has become harder and competition has become even more fierce.


Cleansing does not always mean a detox drink or the regular cleaning of your house. In reality it holds a very deep meaning. Mindful cleaning is an extremely powerful tool that a lot of people don't understand. We generally take cleaning as a chore or task that we have to do no matter what, instead think of it as a way to explore your surroundings. Open that cluttered drawer and start organising it, you might find your vintage keychain that holds a deeper meaning within you. Go take a walk down that memory lane and think about the time that has passed, think about how far you have come along, about how much you have grown and achieved. Go deep down and focus on the roots that you have grown from. This might take your time but that's something we already have on our hands. Doing this is going to make you understand the purpose of your living.


You got all the time in the world right now to rethink your lifestyle, finances, and future planning. It is extremely important that you go through your past experiences and learn from them. Currently we are experiencing a major pandemic which has resulted in massive loss of life and economic crisis. We should take a lesson from this pandemic, learn wisely and plan our future lifestyle extremely cautiously.


Despite all the negative, we have to accept that this pandemic has got us all closer. We don't have a choice but to focus on the positive, we have to focus on that ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. Utilise this time and cherish the moment. Spend quality time with your family and grow together. Take time to appreciate each other, believe it or not, the power of love is above all. 

We hope you are all safe and sound at home. We have to get out this together, we have to channelise our positive thoughts and win against this Coronavirus. 

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