7 Must Have Bags Every Women Should Own

Bags are a must-have item in every women's life. They practically carry our whole world within them. But that's not the only reason to own a bag, they have been fundamental for the development of us all. Bags have been invented way before the recorded history as they solve an extremely basic problem of carrying products around. On a brighter note, considering the usage of this product we get to buy more of our favorite ones!

Here are a few must-have styles of bags that every woman should own.


These bags were first designed by Fendi around 1997, they were a direct contrast to the then-popular tote bags. Baguette is designed to be small and compact compared to the large and spacious tote bags. But that's what makes them adorable, stylish, and easy to move around. The firmness of the bag comes due to its design and compartments. They were popularised during the 1990s and early 2000s because of them featuring in Sex and the City. These are totally a must-have bag for every woman as they make you look put together every day.


This bag might already be a part of your life, but in case you don't add them into your virtual bag ASAP.0s when the Maine-based outdoor store L.L. Bean added this bag into our trending wish lists. But the tote bag was not as it is today, rather it was an ice carrier during the 1940s and was then re-introduced as multi-purpose in the 60s. Originally it was made out of the canvas, but today you find them in a variety of materials.

This bag might already be a part of your life, but in case you don't add them to your virtual bag ASAP.


We generally tend to use these clutches as our evening or party siders, wherein we add smaller items like lipstick, compact, cash, or our phones. The idea of the clutch was originated during the Victorian era, highlighted during WWII. They are made out of a variety of materials and can be customized according to the customer's needs. These are a must-have, as they can also be used as a fancy wallet.


During the 1950s, this bag was designed for the telephone linemen, enabling them to climb the pole with all the tools prepped. Then it was used by the mailmen, thus the term messenger bag was coined. Today it is known by various names such as sling bag, day bag, etc. This is an easy to access bag with no hassle of holding. You should totally own one, especially if you work a day job in sales.


During the 1930s, backpacks were primarily used for camping or hiking activities. The military used them during WWII, then in the 1940s Kids started using them for their school. These bags were originally made for the soldiers in 1914. Today, we can see that every individual uses one of these for their own purpose. This is a staple that is commonly used by everyone, making it one of the must-haves.


Now a lot of you might think why a duffle bag is a must-have? Well, we believe that every woman who hits the gym should definitely own one of these. You can totally skip this one, but before that think again. Do you forget some of your gym essentials at home? If yes, one of the reasons could be you switching your gym bag all the time. Get yourselves one of these, you will end up thanking us in the long run.


Why a suitcase? It's not like we use it every day. Well we understand, this could be a concern especially when you are the buyer. But there are a lot of people out there who travel daily and are required to carry a lot of materials/products. For example, Pilots or Airhostess they are required to travel every day and carry their baggage with them at all times. Therefore owning a suitcase becomes a necessity, thus adding them into our must-have list.