5 Things to Know Before Pursuing Fashion as Your Career

Fashion has seen a vast history of dynamic creators who struck a perfect balance between the creative and financial factors and rose the stakes of the clothing industry. With a global market worth $2.5 trillion and brands that are over 100 years old, fashion has always been the talk of the town. But, don't go all swooning over it! Despite all the glitz and glamor, surviving in this industry is a fortunate tragedy.


The fashion industry might seem like it's all about fame, money, and all those page 3 parties, but that couldn't be further away from the truth. In reality, you will have to do manual work, marketing, building large capital, running behind all those agencies, and searching for investors, and then comes the anticipation that you might actually end up in that page 3 party. It's a hell of a struggle and top of that you are gonna be facing competition with established designers and fashion houses that have created a legacy. Considering everything, you need to work bloody hard to get to the top. But once you fit right in, the sky's the limit.


Fashion is a massive field with a variety of subjects and specialisations. You might have noticed, that in a fashion house there are departments each handling a different caliber of work. Starting from the conceptualisation, designing, sourcing, constructing, marketing, managing, budgeting, equity, analysis, trials, mass production, etc. It's an amalgam of various skillsets and you need to figure out which one you want to specialise in. But, before everything you have to study the history, the overall industry, the business, the people, their beliefs and the market. You have to think through and check where you fit.


At first glance, you might get confused on what to select and what not to select. Honestly, it's not going to be easy as this selection is crucial, always make sure that you are aligning your subjects with your passion otherwise you might end up quitting. As Mark Anthony says," If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." Just make sure that you don't end up opting for garment construction and then later find out that your passion was fashion photography. Of course, at times you might have a change of heart and would want to change your major, but it's okay after all a skill learned will always be beneficial.


Get into a habit of analyzing all the things that you have researched. Do not stick to one source and do as they tell you, educate yourself by researching and reaching out to professionals or institutes and only then come to a conclusion. Take up design aptitude tests that will help you get a better view of things. Try looking out for different perspectives over the same things, it will help you understand a certain field with precision. Every country has it's own education system and market needs, hence research thoroughly when it comes to where you wanna study and where you want to work in the future.


It's extremely difficult to survive in an ocean full of big fish. It might sound a little bit off, but try maintaining your position by working smart and not letting anyone walk over you. In the fashion industry, there is a lot of struggle for competition, attention, and validation. You will need to be thick-skinned to take in all the criticism, but also be alert, and don't let anyone else take the credit for your creation. All in all, be mindful and work with dedication and passion. Success will come running behind you.

It might sound scary and difficult at first, but don't worry you will survive. In fact, once you start believing in yourself you will thrive.

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