5 Steps Towards Minimalist Everyday Fashion

We all have an overflowing wardrobe and there is nothing wrong about it, but wouldn't it be perfect if we could have a wardrobe wherein, we use 100% of our clothes? Just imagine utilising all your clothes, might as well end up wear one new clothing every day! The reality is, we don't use 100% of our clothing. Well, how can you change that? How can you keep your wardrobe organised all the time? How should you purchase to avoid the clutter? All these questions have one solution, that is a minimalist fashion approach. We know it might feel like a sudden change, but that's the reason you are here in the first place. It's not actually as difficult as it may sound, you just need to keep your temptations at bay.


Go ahead and clean up your closet. Yes, do it now! That's the first step, otherwise you are going nowhere near the idea of minimalist fashion. One of the best parts of a clean closet? You get a better idea for your next outfit, as your mind is decluttered. Start with distributing your clothes into categories; regular, frequent, occasional, rare, and never used.


Now, think over the 'never used' pile of clothing. Do you think that pile is larger than you originally thought? Well then, we hope you know what to do. It might make you feel a little uncertain, maybe sentimental even. A lot of us get attached to our clothing because after all, they are a part of us. But we have to move on, think of the bigger picture, by giving them away, you are helping another person add your 'never used' pile to their 'regular use' section.


We believe, that even though clothes are inanimate objects they are still very real and represent an individual for who he really is. We know it might sound a little vague, but minute details like the choice of fabric, pattern, or even accessories worn regularly will reveal the type of person you are. Hence, being thoughtful of what you are wearing and how it will represent you are important factors to be considered.


This is for all those, who try implementing the concept of minimalist fashion but always end up with a cluttered wardrobe. Mindful purchasing is a powerful tool, it does not just save you money but also your subconscious recognises the effort taken and will implement it on other things in your life as well. You just have to ask yourself three questions; Do I need it desperately? Can I manage without it? Is it a good investment for my money? Your next purchase will depend upon your answers. Another way is to add them into your cart or memory, if you still genuinely remember them even after a period of time then you should probably buy them.


Now that we have everything sorted, we should totally get into organising. There are a lot of customised/personalised variations for organising your closet. But the best one is the one that suits you and your daily life. You should arrange your clothes according to your needs or liking. For example, color coding, you like your clothes organised according to color preference? Go for it. You like it according to your regular usage, go for it! Find a suitable organising method that you can keep up with. You don't want to organise it in a way, which is difficult for you to process or follow as it will stress you out and soon you will fall out of habit. Instead stick to simple organisation according to your liking.

We hope you found this blog useful and let us know how we can connect with you better by filling out our feedback. Do you have opinions over this that you would like to share with the world? Head over to our fashion forum Thoughts On Fashion to express your views.