5 Essentials That Will Make You Look Like a Boss

We all pass through those judgemental eyes as soon as we enter wearing the extremely late - bedhead look. Yes, except it we have all been through this! You can't always look perfect, you are a human being after all. You are bound to be lazy and tired, but what if there was a way to always look perfect and make an impression that screams extra effort? Will you choose it? If yes, we got you covered. The only thing you need to do is implement these 5 essentials and we assure you, you are gonna look like a boss!


Yes, we know it's one of the most basic things but even you know there have been those times where you have neglected your hygiene, just because you wanted that 5 minutes of extra sleep. We are not gonna ask you to go all berserk and keep everything clean 24/7. There are just 3 things we want you to focus on, your nails, hair, and personal hygiene. Doesn't matter whether you are a man or woman you gotta keep your nails filed, hair clean and untangled, and bath twice every day. Believe us, once you got this covered you are already halfway through.


Perfume is by far one of the most essential things one can focus on. We humans, tend to associate a person or memories with their scent. If you wanna make that lasting impression you gotta get yourself a good quality perfume. But you have to understand the difference between a perfume and a deodorant. They are two different products meant for two different purposes. Deodorant is meant for your underarms whereas perfume is meant for your clothes and skin. You have to make sure that your deodorant and perfume complement each other otherwise, you might end up smelling like a disaster. Also, try not to change your signature perfume frequently as one can always associate you with one type of fragrance.


You don't always have to own or wear expensive clothes to look like a boss. There are only three things that we need you to follow to make a perfect impression. 1. Always keep your clothes clean, tidy, and ironed. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of ironing your clothes. You gotta keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. It gives the impression that you are a systemic and organised person. 2. The fabric of your clothes can speak volumes. You don't have to buy them from the most expensive fashion houses, but make sure when you buy your clothes they are made out of a thick and comfortable fabric that would make you look flawless. 3. The colour combination of your clothing makes you stand out or blend you completely in the crowd. Try understanding the logic and psychology behind the colour suits you the most and the pattern that can make you look sharper.


We as millennials, tend to wear technologically advanced watches but somewhere there is always a physiological preference where an authentic watch catches everyone's eyes. That does not mean you go out and buy the high-end Rolex, you can if you got that kind of money. But we will always advocate for budget-friendly sources. Make sure to wear a good quality watch every single day, it makes you appear mature and punctual.


Always keep your footwear, bags, and accessories neat and clean. Your footwear can include a vast variety, just make sure that it is occasion specific and compliments your outfit. The same goes for your bags, they might be your regular office ones or travel friendly for your next flight. Your accessories, on the other hand, involve a wide range starting from your belt, tie, jewellery, or sunglasses. Clean them regularly and keep them clutter-free. This small task helps you get that complete 10/10 for your personality as well as looks. We would like to give you an extra tip if you want to go that extra mile. The tip being, make sure that your accessories, footwear, and bags either match or complement your whole outfit and each other. All these essentials are going to make you look like a boss, but keep in mind you cannot just follow one of the above and expect results. You have to implement all of them! Yes, you can definitely start by following one at a time but we do recommend adding in all these efforts together for the best results.

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