5 Classic Fashion Trends & Their Origins

What is a classic fashion trend? A classic fashion trend is considered to be everlasting or always recurring in all the seasons. Basically, clothing that will forever remain in trend despite the changes. We all have classic trends piling up in our wardrobes, but do you know who created them or how they originated? Well, keep on reading further to satisfy your curiosity. We will be covering 5 classic fashion trends and their origins in this blog.


The all famous white shirt or dress shirt was discovered by Flinders Petrie, from his excavation & study of the First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkan. Today, we wear it with different styles depending upon our preference, but that was not the case before. During the early times or before the twentieth century the white shirt was considered as a men's undergarment. It took a while for the trend to continue, becoming a highly sophisticated garment that was mostly worn by the rich men as it was considered a status symbol. Later on, it got commercialised and hence the term 'white-collar'. Women on the other hand caught onto this trend during the 1860s.


The Breton shirt also known as the Sailor's shirt, was introduced as the blue-and-white Marinière by the French Navy during 1858. Later on, Coco Chanel took a liking towards this uniform as she was strolling down a seacoast. She introduced this trend in her collection during the 1917s, forever changing the world's perspective towards women's clothing.


Our life saving and go-to outfits all begin with a pair of perfect Denims. The design of the currently famous blue jeans was patented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss during 1873. Jacob was a tailor and purchased fabrics from the Levi Strauss & Co. Wholesale House, creating a partnership thereafter. But the term 'blue jeans' was derived from "bleu de Genes" coined by Jean-Gabriel Eynard during 1800.


We all know the story of the 'Little Black Dress', it is an iconic piece created and popularised by the great Coco Chanel. It was designed by her alongside with Jean Patou, during the 1920s. She published a picture in the American Vogue in 1926 of the LBD, this gave it an amazing boost Globally as they wanted it to be versatile, affordable and long-lasting. It quickly became famous and is currently considered to be a classic and staple for every women's wardrobe.


The leather jacket also known as Biker jacket was popularised by Hollywood Stars during the 1940s. Later on, it was picked up by other sub-cultures and Pop-artists. But the initial brown leather jackets were produced and designed for the aviation and military personnel. This was because the jackets used to provide warmth and were also coined as 'bomber jackets' as they were heavily insulated. Today, they are considered as a staple and vary in design.

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